Buddy the Beagle!

This months dog is everybody’s favourite resident Buddy the Beagle, who is about 3 years old. Finding himself being returned to us at the beginning of 2016 he has settled in nicely at Stokenchurch, but he is ready to find his forever home.

A little bit about Buddy:

Buddy is a very handsome boy who is just looking for the right people to take him home, his ideal family would of course take him on long walks but it was be great if they could get him involved in scent-work classes and a bit of agility as Buddy would thrive from this sort of stimulation. He is very intelligent and has to keep his brain engaged to get the best out of him.

A Message from Buddy: 

I am very strong when I walk on my lead, but it is only because I am so super duper excited to go out with just about anyone. Sometimes fast vehicles startle me when I’m out but it’s okay, I bark at them and I’m pretty sure that it makes them go away.

I am very affectionate when it comes to greeting people and love a good fuss, I do also easily amuse myself.


  • Squeezy cheese tubes
  • Making a nest out of my bedding on the floor that my carers have made look neat for me
  • Running away from people trying to get MY ball back in the paddock
  • When my walkers give me extra special treats at the end of out stroll.

Pet Peeves:

  • People trying to take MY ball back!

One thought on “Buddy the Beagle!

  1. we are looking for a dog for our family of 5 – three adults children of 16, 20 and 22 – we are looking for a dog to go for walks with dad, at least 3 times a day – there will always be someone at home – Has Buddy been vaccinated and is he worm-free – has he been microchiped – is he in good health? – we live in Amersham and would be happy to come and visit him – we live in a detached house with a garden – – Our telephone number is 01494581821 or 07747670770


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