Athena – The Goddess (or Doggess) of Wisdom

Athena is the dog of the month for February

Athena absolutely loves playing with a ball (a Kong Jumbler being her absolute favourite)!



A little bit about Athena

 Athena is a wonderful and affectionate girl who just adores being with her handlers.  As soon as you enter the kennel, she picks up her ball and brings it over to you.

Athena arrived the care of SDR through no fault of her own after her owners had only had her for 6 weeks handed her in as they were unable to care for her, sadly for this lovely girl it would appear she has had several homes before coming to us, so we are unsure as to why she only has one ear.

Upon arrival, it was evident that Athena had a skin condition which we started treating immediately and it has improved greatly; however, this is something that could possibly return or be an on-going issue. We are feeding Athena on a grain free diet, which is what we would recommend to any potential new owner.  She is currently on homeopathic medication (evening primrose) to help with the ‘itch’, but her fur growth is coming back nicely.



  • Tennis Balls
  • Long walks
  • Sleeping on the bed (see how cozy I look in the photos)

Pet Peeves

  • I don’t really like other dogs – I am the one and only!
  • I’m a very clean girl – I don’t like having to wee in my kennel so my carers take me out for regular toilet breaks
  • I don’t like kennels I’d much rather have a forever home



A Message from Athena: 

I am a German Shepherd (well my carers think I am but as a hand in they can’t be 100%), but let me tell you some information about German Shepherds.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds the world over and have consistently been so for many years.

We are extremely loyal and intelligent.

We are an elegant and proud breed that soon lets an owner know when strangers are around and therefore are often used as guard dogs.

Because we are so intelligent, we need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to be truly happy, well-balanced dogs.

Because I am essentially a “working” dog, I need lots of mental stimulation as well as enough daily exercise to be truly happy and as we are so intelligent, we are quick to learn new things.

German Shepherds respond extremely well to positive reinforcement training because they are sensitive by nature. They do not react well to any kind of heavy handed handling which could have an adverse effect on a dog’s nature.

German Shepherds are high maintenance and thrive on being with owners who have the time to devote to a canine companion. They need at least 2 hours exercise every day which must be combined with lots of mental stimulation. Although very versatile, I would love to find a safe, large garden to roam around in as often as possible.

With correct handling, the GSD is one of the smartest, most trainable of dogs on the planet and when tempered with their calm and unflappable natures, they make wonderful family pets and are known for their trustworthiness in a working environment.

So now you know a bit about me and my breed could you offer me a forever home with you?



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