Playful Patty

The dog of the month for March is Patty

Patty absolutely loves people and there is nothing she enjoys more than snuggling up for a cuddle




A little bit about Patty

Patty is a lovely girl who is looking for a new forever home.

She loves the company of people, even if she isn’t interacting with them.

She loves going out for long walks, she is muzzled while out walking but don’t let this put you off as it’s to prevent her from catching any wildlife rather than a dislike of people!

Patty is a very intelligent girl who will need calming enrichment, mental stimulation and controlled exercise as well as a well enclosed garden with a minimum fence height of 6’ that she can potter about in as she will need to stay on lead during walks due to her chase instinct.

She is a clever little lady who would be great getting her brain working at an agility class, many classes offer one to one so she could avoid other dogs and get some great bonding time with her new owners.

Patty has spent time down in the annex with the carers where she prove to be a great house guest – after her initial excitement and investigations she settles down beautifully.



  • Cuddles – I do love attention
  • Long walks
  • Holes (I will try and get down them – I love them, my carers don’t love them quite as much and spoil my fun!
  • Balls – loves to play fetch


Pet Peeves

  • Dogs – I have to wear a muzzle, but don’t let that put you off because behind my muzzle I am a very loyal and loving girl
  • Cats – the humans tell me they are not for chasing but surely, they can’t be right…
  • Kennel life – I’d be so much happier curled up on a sofa in a home that I could call my own – look at the photos of what a cuddly girl I am when I go for sleepovers in the annex



A Message from Patty: 

As a rescue dog the humans here can never be 100% but they are quite certain (and they are quite good at knowing these things) that I am a Patterdale.

Patterdale Terriers were first bred in the Lake District where they were respected for their hunting abilities due to their small size and keen senses. Nowadays Patterdales are kept more as companion dogs and family pets.

Patterdales are an energetic and confident breed by nature whilst being affectionate and loyal around people.

They have a strong prey drive and for a small dog, they have a very loud bark! They have perfected the art of crawling on their bellies, which is extremely useful when they need to get to any prey that goes to ground. They are also capable of compressing their lungs so they can get down the smallest of holes which is something that needs to be considered when a Patterdale is allowed to run free in a garden. This is something that Patty has proved in the meadow by getting into holes!

Patterdales are very people-friendly and love nothing more than being in a family environment, getting on well with children of all ages which is why they make such great family pets. Patty would be not the best choice for first time owners because she would need to be trained and handled by someone who is familiar with the needs of the breed or similar type of terrier.

Particular attention must be paid to the “recall” command with Patty because of her high prey drive which in short means that if she spots something in the distance without a strong recall, she is more likely to take off turning a deaf ear to her owners.

Patterdale Terriers are very intelligent and this paired to the fact they love to please their owners makes them highly trainable. Patterdales are playful dogs by nature and thoroughly enjoy playing interactive games. They are also known to be good at all sorts of canine sports – Patty we are sure would love and benefit from agility.





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