Brilliant Bruno


The dog of the month for April is Bruno

This wonderful boy has now been in kennels for 899 days (on April 1st) and now just wants a home that he can call his own with a nice comfy sofa to snuggle on.



A little bit about Bruno

Bruno is a big strong boy, but he can be incredibly sensitive with it.

He is a wonderful boy and will have a lot of love and affection to give to the right owner.

Bruno enjoys having his brain mentally stimulated through activity toys and interacting with his handler.  He will do most things for food and this is a great way of building a bond with Bruno.

Bruno reacts well to most dogs, although can bark through frustration if he isn’t allowed to say hello.  We would recommend that new owners attend training classes with Bruno, not only so he can learn more commands, but also for his confidence and social skills.

Bruno sadly hasn’t had the best start in life and he has grown and developed into such a wonderful dog in the time he has been with us, we would love for him to find his new forever home.

New owners will need to discuss their home set up with the team, as it’s important that Bruno has his own space where he can feel safe when visitors enter the home.

If you have experience with large breed dogs and have space in your heart and home, then Bruno could be the dog for you.




  • Cuddles – I do love attention
  • Off lead time in the meadow
  • Sleeping on the bed in the annex – it’s so much nicer than the kennel and it also means that I can lick the dog carers face when I think it’s time to get up!
  • Playing – but I like someone to play with


Pet Peeves

  • Going for walks if I don’t want to
  • Unknown places
  • Kennel life – I’d be so much happier curled up on a sofa in a home that I could call my own – look at the photos of what a cuddly boy I am when I go for sleepovers in the annex
  • Unknown sudden noises – I may look like a brave boy but sometimes I’m a bit of a scaredy cat



A Message from Bruno: 

I’ve had a tricky time of it here as I was poorly with my leg but now I’m mended and really want a home to call my own.

I had two operations on my right leg whilst I’ve been here as I ruptured my cruciate ligament whilst playing with a puppy.  I’m all good to go now, however don’t think I will ever be an athlete!

This has healed well and now I enjoy my off-lead time in our enclosed areas – more so than going for walks. I have lots of lovely volunteers who keep my company in the paddock but there are also a couple who take me out – I can be a bit stubborn as I want to go to the meadow, but these wonderful people persevere, so I get a change of scenery.


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