Sox Rocks!

Sox Rocks!

The dog of the month for May is Sox

If Sox stays with us for the whole of May he will have been here for 57 days and as much as he likes our company he would much prefer a garden to run in with a new owner to throw a ball for him!



A little bit about Sox

Sox is an incredibly intelligent and active young boy, looking for a new home that can fulfil his needs, both physically and mentally.

It will be important that he goes to live with owners who have experience with the breed, or working dogs.

Sox is such an active boy, it would be great if his new owners got involved in agility, flyball or canicross.  He has heaps of energy to burn off and is ball mad!

He already knows a few basic commands such as sit, paw and he will recall to two whistles when off the lead – although we would advise owners to proof his recall prior to allowing him off lead in open spaces.

He loves to have his brain worked and providing Sox with additional training, will provide him with the much needed stimulation he requires.  He would enjoy attending training classes and will learn new commands and tricks incredibly quickly with the use of positive reward based training methods.

Sox has mixed well with other dogs and could live with a female dog providing their energy levels are compatible.



  • Balls
  • Long walks
  • Learning new tricks to use my clever brain


Pet Peeves

  • Kennels – I prefer to be outdoors
  • I’m much happier when I’m off the lead playing the in meadows
  • I don’t like to be ignored – especially if you have a toy


A Message from Sox: 

As a rescue dog the humans here can never be 100% but they are quite certain (and they are quite good at knowing these things) that I am a Border Collie (with maybe a little of something else in there).

It is said we are the most intelligent breed of dog and I can’t disagree with that, and it’s also fair to say I’m very eager to learn. I do require lots of exercise and mental stimulation to stop me getting bored. Providing we are given the correct amount of exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis, Border Collies make wonderful family pets.

Border collies like nothing better than being given things to do, even in a home environment and we are often work as PAT dogs, in rescue and as sniffer dogs all of which are tasks that the Border Collie excels at, so although we are known as herders we have many more strings to our bows.

I would not be the best choice for first time dog owners instead  I would be better suited to people familiar with the breed and who have the time needed to dedicate to an extremely intelligent and active canine companion.




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