Velvet Valteri!

Valteri 2203 I


If Valteri stays with us for the whole of September he will have been here for 167 days.

He’s a lovely, lively young lad who would truly prefer to be racing around his own garden and then relaxing on his forever bed.



A little bit about Valteri

This incredibly handsome and playful young boy arrived in our care from a local pound.

He was an unclaimed stray and when he first arrived with us he was in a bit of a sorry state with lots of hair loss due to flea allergies that had been left untreated.



With lots of love and TLC, Valteri has truly turned from the ugly duckling into the beautiful swan and now he is truly stunning!

Valteri 2203 E

Valteri is a happy boy who enjoys running in the paddock especially if he has a playmate down there with him – zooming around with a friend that matches his playstyle really brings the best out in him.

Valteri loves treats and is eager to earn them.  This will be beneficial for any further training owners decide to do with him.  When you have treats, Valteri’s attention is on you even when he is off lead in the meadows, he will walk to heal in the hope he gets a tasty treat as a reward.

Valteri is a clever boy and as well as zooming he enjoys mental stimulation – a game of ‘find it’ where treats are hidden encourages him to use his nose and brain!

In the right home, this fun and active young boy will make a truly wonderful companion to an active household.



  • Zoomies
  • Treats – you will quite literally have me eating out of your hand if you have a treat!
  • A lovely soothing shower
  • A game of fetch


Pet Peeves

  • People that aren’t generous with treats…
  • Fleas – well I know that nobody likes them but look what they did to me!
  • Kennel life – I’m a young lad, I need to be out spreading my paws


A Message from Valteri: 

As a rescue dog the humans here can never be 100% certain but they tell me that I’m a lurcher. A Lurcher is just a type of dog (not a breed)….. the offspring of a sighthound and another breed!

Lurchers like myself love the great outdoors, but we are also a social animal who loves people – so although I have outstanding bursts of energy they are short lived and I then enjoy nothing more than curling up for a cuddle.

I am calm, affectionate, active and intelligent and a perfect companion. In addition, I am very low maintenance when it comes to grooming now my carers have sorted out my coat!

I am a wonderful boy looking for someone who has a lovely garden for me to play in, can take for lovely walks in the country and encourage me to use my clever brain – am I describing you? If yes please don’t hesitate come along and meet me!


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